The 9 Colruyt values echo through the entire group and bind us together. In our relationship with customers, stakeholders and associates we are guided and sustained by our values first. We nurture a strong commitment to these values in every member of our organization because we believe that values are the fundamental drivers that form our perspective and reflect in our actions. We are committed to walking the talk!

  1. "Respect" for individual
  2. "Togetherness” to build team
  3. “ Simplicity” to increase efficiency  
  4. Readiness to Serve” to deliver quality
  5. Faith” in mankind and trust in every individual
  6. Hope” to have means
  7. Space” to increase awareness
  8. Courage” to demonstrate entrepreneurship
  9. Strength” coming from job satisfaction

Everything starts with Respect, for every individual, representing a flat hierarchy and equal treatment for everyone. In addition, we stimulate team building at all levels through Togetherness. At Colruyt efficiency is inseparably linked to Simplicity, and our employees continuously strive to keep things as simple as possible. We believe that Readiness to Serve is at the core of delivering high quality services and products . We start with Faith that human beings are self-motivated to do a good job, and start with 100% trust on everyone. We provide an environment where everyone can Hope to have all the means to do a good job. We ensure everyone gets the Space and time to stand still and think about their work, so that they can increase the awareness about themselves and their surroundings. When all the afore mentioned values are balanced, everyone will have the Courage to take initiative and decisions in their role, and demonstrate entrepreneurship. In this way, everyone gets  Strength  to fully commit to  their work, and grow in their profession and as an individual,  and enjoy job satisfaction