Infrastructure And Operations

Information Technology is enabling the efficiency of our business from even before the personal computer was invented. Today, relevance with technology evolution is no longer a choice for the business, rather a necessity to manage obsolescence. AS a result, in the digital space our systems infrastructure not only is growing rapidly but the technologies we use are being challenged more than ever before.

A team of systems professionals provide remote infrastructure management services to the Colruyt Group enterprises across diverse technology areas like, application infrastructure, network solutions, e-workplace server & clients, active directory, database management, server platforms, IT security, to name a few. The professionals are working in a global collaboration environment between Europe and India; they are committed to ensure our system infrastructure remains reliable, flexible and scalable enough to unlock the potential of our business to leverage the strength of technology in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our infrastructure landscape, across multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows or Mac., databases technologies like Oracle RAC, SQL Server, Sybase IQ, DB2, or MySQL and with more than half a million running batch jobs per day – apparently seems complicated. To encapsulate the complexity a specialized team of Application Infrastructure acts as an interface between the business and infrastructure teams to render a seamless interaction for the infrastructure needs.